Jessica Verity: Chef

A professional chef, amateur photographer, avid student of nutrition and an American living in France. Wheatgrass and Wine is about finding balance in the kitchen – a lot of good and a little naughty makes for a healthy body and a happy soul!

Hilly Mazija: Artisan chocolatier

Hilly creates raw natural chocolates that highlight the natural rich flavour of the cocoa bean whilst delivering the inherent goodness in the superfood. She steers away from processed sugar, preferring plant-based sweeteners and she focuses on ingredients that are health-giving, organic and fair-trade.

Saskia Aafjes: Photography

For Saskia, taking photos is telling a story via capturing unique moments: This means catching authentic and spontaneous moments. For Saskia, one of the greatest satisfactions is to feel she has captured the personality and the emotions of her subjects.

Julia Edgely: Homeopath

Julia is a registered homeopath with working in the South of France (Antibes and Mouans Sartoux).   Julia and I often work in collaboration with clients to optimise their health: Julia managing symptoms with homeopathic support, alongside my nutritional programmes.

Emma Summerfield: Life Coaching

Emma uses tools that empowers individuals or corporations to raise their awareness, exploring what is really important to them and uses creative processes to maximise their full potential. Emma´s philosophy is:

You have the answers within you, you can choose your path, let me support you on your journey.”