Group workshops focussing on decreasing toxic load, balancing blood sugar and balancing hormones are available.

Cleanse & Reboot

The “Cleanse and Reboot” programme incorporates some principles from the NutriClean programme created by Nutri Advanced along with additional training and research carried out in this area over several years. It is held twice a year: Spring and Autumn.

In today’s world, the body accumulates more toxins than its natural detoxification system (your liver, kidneys, lymph, skin and lungs) can cope with. We are bombarded with chemicals not just in food and drink products, but also environmental toxins such as pesticides, preservatives, plastics, heavy metals, to name a few…even drug and alcohol residues can build up over time and overload the body triggering poor health.  All toxins are “managed” by our internal factory, known as the liver.  Cleansing the liver twice a year reduces the chance of congestion and supports overall health.

Using the principles of my comprehensive “Cleanse and Reboot” programme twice a year, keeps ME – and those who follow the programme – healthy and able to enjoy an energetic life. In fact, I look forward to it! I don’t eat a perfect diet. I eat a relatively clean, healthy and balanced diet, but I also like to LIVE well and, like everyone else, I am not totally in control of my toxic exposure.    This programme focusses on the liver, but takes into account other organs of detoxification too.

This is a 2-3 week programme (you decide duration) designed to reduce the toxic load on the body offering support, advice and education.


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Nutritional Presentations

Christine is available for educational presentations in different areas of nutrition.

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