An active lifestyle with a balanced diet

Are you stressed and exhausted and lacking ME TIME? Do you find all those social media messages confusing and don´t know where to start? Perhaps you find you lack time to make nourishing and healthy meals?

Constant bombardment of a variety of stress factors from the environment, foods and drinks and those produced by the body may make you susceptible to poor health.

As a busy working mum I understand! I aim to educate, inspire and motivate my clients support their health through lifestyle, fitness and nutrition strategies.

We are only given one body to carry us through life so it is vital that we protect our body as much as possible. This comes through living an active lifestyle with a balanced diet.

Find your sparkle and improve vitality by understanding which foods and lifestyle habits work for YOU. Let me support you transform your health using evidence based and functional programmes that work. I will work with YOU to help you achieve YOUR health goals using simple signature programmes adapted to suit your lifestyle.

Let´s chat about how you can take the first steps to optimising your health and reaching your full potential.


NUTRITION Programmes

Appropriate and realistic programmes designed to meet your goals



Small group classes in Pilates/Core training and Xtend Barre training


Christine Kjeldberg

MSc Personalised Nutrition, BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapy

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Discover how an active lifestyle with a balanced diet can transform your life. YOU are the only one who has the power to change but this is difficult on your own. I am here to help you make the magic happen.

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