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Group workshops focussing on decreasing toxic load, balancing blood sugar and balancing hormones are available.

Hormone Harmony

Hormone issues can affect YOU at any stage of your life, however it is often between the ages of 40 and 55 that many women find a little difficult to manage, commonly known as the perimenopause.

The transition from pre-menopause to menopause may last up to 1/3 of your lifetime.  It’s a journey that may require support, and this journey begins long before any symptoms appear.

Some experience menopause very early, perhaps due to chemotherapy inducing chemical onset menopause.  Others may have had the ovaries removed and be pushed into earlier menopause.  At some stage in life all females are going to experience the transition from one hormonal arena to another.

This comprehensive programme is to help women like you understand what is happening to their bodies and how they can best support hormonal balance during the transition from their reproductive years through pre-menopause and peri-menopause into menopause.

I have worked with clients just like you and also have been supporting my own hormonal symptoms.  It’s an area that I am really passionate about and have taken additional training with Nutri Link, Nutri-Advanced, Lifecode Gdx and Applied Functional Medicine Mentoring programmes to really understand what contributes to the most distressing symptoms.  I would love you to join new programme that I have created to support you during this time so that you can better understand and hopefully embrace this transition.

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Next course dates:  10th-30th November 2022

Disclaimer: All courses are not intended as a replacement for medical advice in any way. Always check with your GP or nutritionist before making big changes to your diet or taking new supplements and if you have any concerns about symptoms. 

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