Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy applies science of how foods interact with each other inside the body to address imbalances and promote health. It is client centered approach focussing on biochemical individuality and understanding metabolic, genetic, epigenetic and environmental differences among individuals.

Individual nutritional support is for those with persistent health issues. This may require changes to diet and lifestyle with support over time. For this reason, a package is available which includes all the tools and support to help you make the changes that are required to reach your goals.

Appropriate and realistic programmes
designed to meet your goals.

Nutrition Consultations

Before a nutritional consultation you will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire enabling me to gain an overview of your health and lifestyle prior to your consultation.

The initial consultation focusses on your goals, your health history and your current dietary habits. This gives an insight into your health and lifestyle so that we can work together to design an appropriate and realistic programme to meet your goals.

Initial consultations are approximately 90 minutes. Follow up consultations approximately 45 minutes.  Functional tests may be suggested as appropriate if imbalances are suspected.

Follow-up consultations are always recommended for complicated cases to reassess dietary and supplement requirements, or assessment of any functional tests undertaken.

Dietary assessments are for the healthy individual who wishes to make dietary and lifestyle adjustments to optimise their health.

Packages include

Nutritional Therapy consultation packages

  • 90 minute Initial Consultation & follow ups
  • Unlimited email contact for short questions
  • A report including dietary and lifestyle adaptations for your personalised programme.
  • A supplement sheet as appropriate, although optimising diet is core priority
  • Test Recommendations and analysis as appropriate

Follow up consultation: 45 – 60 minutes

  • Adjustments to any supplementation, lifestyle and nutrition protocol as appropriate
  • Explanation of functional testing results

Dietary Assessment: 60 minutes

  • Assessment of dietary and lifestyle habits

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    Succes Stories

    Over the course of a relatively short period of time, Christine has given me the information, tools and confidence to take my health back into my own hands. She has the most beautiful way of working alongside you, fully supporting you and encouraging you every step of the way. Her attentive and committed approach has impacted my health and well-being in the most positive way.

    Nicola Taylor

    I suffered from gastro intestinal problems for 25 years, I had colonoscopies and was given all sorts of drugs which usually helped the symptoms but no doctors or specialist ever made me any better.  Within 3 months of my first meeting with Christine everything started to improve.  14 months on and I am in really great shape, I have energy and vitality that I thought was gone for good and all because my gut is now working as it should.  Christine knows her subject inside out, she’s thoughtful and meticulous and I really can not recommend her highly enough.

    Hamish, 49

    I first went to see Christine because I was struggling with polycystic ovaries, bad bloating and digestive issues and was feeling overall pretty exhausted all the time. Christine’s advice and protocols made an immediate difference, not only physically but also emotionally. She was really interested in everything that was going on in my life that could be impacting my health, trying to get to the root cause of my issues and fixing those. In my case, these were not only related to what I was eating but also anxiety. She has a comprehensive approach and constantly checks up on how things are evolving and adjusts accordingly.

    When I was later diagnosed with Hashimotos, I went to see a lot of different doctors that left me feeling confused and frustrated. Not satisfied with what they were telling me, I went back to Christine. She focused on finding the trigger of my Hashimoto (everyone is different!) and how to manage it naturally.

    It has now been a year and a half since my first visit with Christine and I feel like a completely new person. My periods are back, my digestion is the best it has ever been, I am full of energy and we have managed to keep the Hashimotos at bay! Thanks to Christine I also have a completely different approach to food and self care, she has really made a wonderful and positive impact on my life!

    JP, aged 29

    I had been suffering form severe IBS and chronic ulcerative colitis for several months. Having consulted a respected Gastroenterologist and been poorly diagnosed, prescribed medication, which addressed only some of the symptoms, I was infested with bacterias and amoebas. These had taken their toll on my health to the point where I was suffering not only physically with pain & exhaustion (bloody stools, abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence and excretal incontinence) but psychologically.  The effect on my mental state that I now know (thanks to Christine’s informative and educational approach) is common when the gastro-intestinal tract is compromised.  In short I was in desperate state when a friend who had been successfully helped by Christine gave me her number.

    Christine is a warm and supportive a therapist that I was felt was there with me over the 4month period it took to repair.  She was often checking in with me, encouraging me when things got difficult and gave her time generously – I felt she genuinely cared. She shared her knowledge enthusiastically and as a result I have learnt much valuable information as to how I can live a healthier life.  I am not inclined to be either effusive or smother things in superlatives so when I say my treatment with Christine was truly remarkable, it really was. The approach was entirely natural and she guided me through a challenging process to regain my gut health, which antibiotics and conventional medicine have very poor rates of successfully addressing.

    I have been a dedicated yoga practitioner for over 25years, have an excellent diet and and active life. I do not exaggerate when I say I have not felt this good in years.

    Charles Cartmell |

    As a fitness professional I have a sound knowledge of nutrition and am qualified to advise clients on their diet, most of my work is helping them to achieve fat loss. In the instances where I am ‘out of my depth’ often on subjects such as thyroid, hormonal and menopausal issues I refer my clients to Christine. Her qualifications speak for themselves and I have seen first hand Christine’s ability to help my clients with deeply complicated issues.

    We also share many clients through Christine’s Pilates and Xtend Barre studio. Her style of training complements mine well and is excellent for keeping fit, flexibility, working deep core muscles as well as injury rehabilitation.

    Alex O´Connor  |  (Personal Trainer, England boxing coach, Nak Muay, ITEC Sports Masseur)  |