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Group workshops focussing on decreasing your toxic load, reducing sugar consumption and balancing hormones.

Cleanse & Reboot

In today’s world, the body accumulates more toxins than ever before placing a huge burden upon natural detoxification systems (your liver, gut, kidneys, lymph, gallbladder, skin and lungs). We are bombarded with chemicals not just in food and drink products, but also environmental toxins such as pesticides, preservatives, plastics, heavy metals, to name a few…even drug and alcohol residues can build up over time and overload the body triggering ill-health.  All toxins are “managed” by our internal factory, known as the liver. Regular cleansing of the liver reduces the chance of toxic congestion and supports your immunity, energy and overall health.

If you’re looking for a way to show your liver some love, enhance your body’s detoxification capabilities, and hit the reset button on your health, then consider my signature “Cleanse & Reboot” 21-Day programme. It is the perfect prescription to help you look and feel your best while simultaneously setting the foundation of healthy habits to optimise your health.

If you feel 3 weeks is too long to fit into your life and prefer to “dip your toes” in a shorter programme, then challenge yourself to complete the 12 day RECHARGE programme.  Alternatively contact me for information on a 3-5 food based Cleanse and “LIGHT” guide.

My 21 and 12 Day Cleanse programmes are designed to nourish your body and provide all the nutrients your body requires to optimise detoxification.  There are expert contributors with additional information to support your programme.

Because the food you eat can have a powerful effect on your health, yes, you will also be taking out some of the things that are really stressing your body out – For example sugar, alcohol and caffeine. You can do this!

We will  also be focussing on reducing incoming toxins and helping your body more effectively eliminate all the unwanted chemicals, hormones and other environmental compounds that have snuck in over time.

You’ll get everything you need to succeed on this programme, including:

  • 125+ page E book featuring delicious recipes and the lowdown on everything you need to know to get through your programme.
  • Several tips on how to make changes to reduce your toxic burden including those lurking in your bathroom cabinet, kitchen and general personal environment.
  • Support, inspiration and motivation in a dedicated Facebook group

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Next course dates: 26th September 2022

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Disclaimer: All courses are not intended as a replacement for medical advice in any way. Always check with your GP or nutritionist before making big changes to your diet or taking new supplements and if you have any concerns about symptoms. 

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